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Fic: Dragon Slave Ron

"Oh, are you doing magic? Let's see." said Hermionie.

Ron said, "Fred and George told me this was a powerful spell and not to use it. I'm not sure what it does exactly. Or at all, really."

Ron began to cast waving his wand and hands:
"Darkness Beyond Twilight"

Hermionie watched as the spell began a sort of light show. Something niggled at her memory.

Ron: "Crimson Beyond Blood that Flows"

The light show was brighter and more elaborate. Hermionie's had a memory of a red-headed woman with jewels and shoulderpads.

Ron: "Deep within the Flow of Time is Where Your Power Grows"

Hermionie realized it was a fantasy anime she'd watched with her father. And the red-heads name had something to do with reversal?

The light show continued to intensify as Ron continued:
"I pledge myself to conquer all the fools who stand,"

Hermionie: Inverse, that was the name! And that meant...

Ron: "Before the Gift Bestowed in my Unworthy Hands!"

Hermionie soiled her knickers while screaming "NO!"
Too Late.

"Dragon Slayer!"


From the Daily Telegraph Sep 2nd:
"It is suspected that terrorists set of a nuclear weapon accidently. Fortunately they were in a relatively unpopulated area, but destroyed a 2 mile radius around the main railway line.
"The Army continues to deny rumors that they had been secretly transporting a nuclear weapon, and the possible origins and destination are a complete mystery."


From "A Brief History of Wizard Britain"
The destruction of the entire Hogwart's student body, including The-Boy-Who-Lived threw the public into rage and despair. They scapegoated the Death Eaters and slaughtered them, including those who claimed to have been imperioused.

When his remaining servants revived Voldemort through a Dark Ritual, he was finally contained when The Order of the Phoenix managed to place him in an enchanted sleep, briefly displaying the body before hiding it away under a Fidelius Charm. Just before he died Albus Dumbledore revealed there had been a prophecy that only Harry Potter had held the key to destroying Voldemort completely. 'He shall sleep until the Earth itself is destroyed and Magic is no more.' "
Tags: harry potter, hermionie granger, humor, ron weasley, slayers
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