Troy Guffey (troyguffey) wrote,
Troy Guffey

Torchwood: Miracle Day

How could Jack have been made mortal? It's one thing to keep the living from dying, but Bad Wolf Rose used the full power of the Time Vortex to change Jack's nature so that he CANNOT DIE! I'd say the Time Vortex is pretty much the ultimate force.

BTW, I was MOST displeased to see Jack naked..

IIRC, healing was still happening so some injuries would heal. (They should have deep stiched up the CIA guy's impalement, so he shouldn't be bleeding all over place.

The cops not being able to charge someone with murder just because the "miracle" is keeping someone alive is a travesty of justice. Especially for injuries that would be fatal and the body cannot heal even if given infinite time, like the shattered hyoid.

Jack, you doofus, use a Internet storage video streamer like when you record confessions! ("Mundane" use: recording encounters with bad cops) They can't confiscate an Internet file, as easily as a recording device.
Tags: television, torchwood
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