Troy Guffey (troyguffey) wrote,
Troy Guffey

TV: Alphas

An interesting show.
Supposedly the stars have abilities that all humans have, just pushed to the extreme.

That's SO not true! Most of the stars abilities are well into the "Comic Book" range.

The Hyper-Kinetic is plausible.

Bill, Hyper-Strength guy didn't suffer from picking up the back of a car, so he must have enhanced skeletal-muscular system to withstand the strain.

Rachel, Hyper-Senses girl has been given the wrong name for her ability. "Synthesia" is when your sense get cross-wired so that you see sound, hear colors, feel smells, etc. "The Sentinel" had the same abilities only more plausible. Including the Zone Out effect.

Garry is totally imposible for human physiology. It's implausible for biological organisms, and probably would require cyberware. People can't see and hear more than a narrow band of the EM spectrum, much less instantly understand it. He's effectively a Cybergeneration Wizard.

Nina, the "Pusher" seems to be purely a true telepathic effect, rather than hypnotism via voice modulation and pheromones (which might work).
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