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I've noticed I've not posted on here for quite a while!  I've been posting mostly on FarceButt because I've been thinking only small thoughts.  ;)

Many websites could be vastly improved by adding Like/Dislike features.   Especially fanfiction sites, both for stories and reviews. (I'm talking to you!)   If you have nothing truly special to say, you still have to post a "full review" just to say "LIKE".   A rating system for fic there would be good.  I heard they used to have ratings, but dropped them.
I don't understand why FB (or most sites) don't have Dislike buttons.

I'm posting here because I'm having more thoughts I'd like to share, and I only change my FB status about once a day so as to allow maximum impact.     Although this is going to get posted as well, I've got the FB share feature turned on.

This is my second attempt to post this, my first attempt was eaten by the Internet.
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