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Troy Guffey's Journal
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Saturday, May 23rd, 2015
3:37 am
Shows That Die
TV networks give a new show a green light.  They then spend money - getting actors, building sets, booking studio time, all the background staff etc  - to create the new show.

And then after spending that money, they do stuff that everyone in the world of TV knows will kill a show's ratings.  They'll show episodes out of order, plus move the air times and dates all over the place so fans have trouble finding the show week to week. That kind of activity with the schedule is known to kill shows - it's what the BBC did to get rid of Dr Who back in the 1980s.

Why work against yourself like that?  Surely if you've spent the money to get the show you might as well give it as good a chance of success as you can.  If you don't want that type of show, either don't fund it to start with or just cancel it outright without the pussy-footing around.

One possible explanation is that the networks are full of back-stabbing bastards all pushing for resources for THEIR pet project.  "I hate Wondershow (with the very-slow-growing mid-size fanbase of devoted fans), so if it gets canceled, I can get the green light on Crap-o-rama!"

And also I read that some TV exec are now believe that being so quick to cancel shows is now hampering them as  the audiences are becoming less willing to invest interest in show that may soon be canceled. (DUH!!!)

Plus I wouldnt be surprised if statistics show that when a series gets "timed out" for one of teh sports seasons or events occupying its place in the lineup, a significant chunk of viewership just dries up. I know I had a tendency to sometmes stop bothering to follow a show when that happened. Especially if it is a continuing story where you need to see the previous episode to understand what was going on or what happened, and they don't show the missed episode until the season is over and the reruns start.

A new trend has been people waiting and streaming series after the fact.

The most tragic thing is a show that starts well, then once the execs realized it was a good thing, if they didn't run the blessed thing into the ground, then I was surprised.
The problem for hit shows and film series, is that execs are still averting risk, so instead of moving forward, or letting the show/series evolve, they just want more of the same.
More explosions, if the original had those. More lasers. More, more, more. Not better or more innovation, which probably was the key to making the original in a hit series popular.

(Adapted from a thread on the CaerAzkaban Yahoo group)
Friday, September 26th, 2014
4:56 pm
I've noticed I've not posted on here for quite a while!  I've been posting mostly on FarceButt because I've been thinking only small thoughts.  ;)

Many websites could be vastly improved by adding Like/Dislike features.   Especially fanfiction sites, both for stories and reviews. (I'm talking to you FanFiction.net!)   If you have nothing truly special to say, you still have to post a "full review" just to say "LIKE".   A rating system for fic there would be good.  I heard they used to have ratings, but dropped them.
I don't understand why FB (or most sites) don't have Dislike buttons.

I'm posting here because I'm having more thoughts I'd like to share, and I only change my FB status about once a day so as to allow maximum impact.     Although this is going to get posted as well, I've got the FB share feature turned on.

This is my second attempt to post this, my first attempt was eaten by the Internet.

Current Mood: awake
Saturday, January 5th, 2013
5:32 am
Figurative Writer Suicide

A few very good fanfic writers have had snit-fits then deleted their ENTIRE body of published works. (Esama, for one, Lisa Roquin for another)

I can understand it when a writer gets a lot of negative reviews, real life catches up, or some other reason that makes them no longer want to write fanfiction. (Sad, but understandable) The reasonable ones just post a note telling why they will not be writing anymore.  Turn off receiving reviews, etc.

But it makes VERY angry when a writer DELETES their posted works.  WTF dude? This means that you cannot refer other people to their stories. Any pointers and reviews are GONE FOREVER! That is very BAD.  It's a "screw you".

It's even worse when said writer deletes their frakking Yahoo group.  They've now taken the community that was built around their work, and driven them off to the four corners of the earth.   This makes me so mad that I like to take a cat'o'nine-tails to them for doing such a HOSTILE thing!

If I were less lazy, I might even have a "tribute" group waiting in the wings with any included files, and just before the group gets deleted, invite everyone to join the "tribute" group.  Undo the breaking.

Same for re-posting their stories.  Once the account is deleted, register a new account USING THE SAME NAME.  HAH!  TAKE THAT!

Current Mood: angry
Saturday, October 29th, 2011
12:35 am
Dumbledore Continuum
I've noticed that there is a continuum of Dumbledores in the fanfic-verse:

ManipulativeOldBastard! Dumbledore

Of course there are shades of gray.

I wonder what the distribution curve looks like?

Canon!Dumbledore seems to be wavering between Delusional and MOB.
Delusional if he belives Harry won't be abused (despite being warned)
by the Dursleys, simply because they are relatives; or MOB "10 dark
years". Then he pulls the manipulative stuff such as possible Weasley
introduction, the PS gauntlet, and using Harry as bait in GoF. He
never will give a straight answer to Harry. He even is manipulative
from the grave with leaving FRACKING CLUES to the Horcruxes, rather
than a clear plan. Another delusional/MOB move: Occulemency lessons
with SNAPE! Either he was WAY overconfident despite mountains of
evidence that Snape would do a good job; or MOB in the "ripping down
natural barriers" fanon.
Monday, October 17th, 2011
10:32 pm
Iron Man movie wound
I get why Tony can't be fully treated in Chaostan, but why not once he gets back? If it takes a week for the shrapnel to work it's way into the heart, and an electromagnet can keep it from doing that; it's operable in the USA!
Friday, October 14th, 2011
2:31 am
TV: Secret Circle: Slither
Since it's so darn EASY to destroy demons WTF would they BURY a sack full of them?!?

On a general note, they would do well to invest in a lot of Power Defense so their powers CAN'T be stripped, or come right back.
Saturday, October 1st, 2011
4:48 am
SyFy movie: "Population: 436"
Just finished watching the movie. It's about a small Mid-Western town where the population has been 436 for 100 years. This might work well as a Horror/Supernatural RPG adventure.
Through some kind of numerology, the townspeople limit their population to 436 because that was when the town was their most prosperous. A census worker comes to survey the town.
Through some kind of insane troll logic the townspeople believe that anyone who stays even one night has moved to the town. If this puts them over the limit, they hold a celebration where one of the original townspeople (apparently usually a young woman) is hanged. They are all brainwashed to think this was an honor. They tell the new "immigrants" that bad things happen to those who try to leave.
Anyone who wants to leave has "the fever" and therefore must be cured. First they try ECT, then it's lobotomy time...

Apparently the "bad things" are true.... The movie has a downer ending.
Tuesday, September 27th, 2011
6:54 pm
LJ: What happened to the Rich Text Editor?
I used LJ.net to post, then opened up the entry on the LJ website to change some of my points to bullet points only to find that the Rich Text Editor option was not being shown! Only the HTML source text entry box was shown! What happened to it?!?

Current Mood: annoyed
6:33 pm
Congressional Agenda: Internet Bill of Rights
Disconnect Protection: ISPs may not disconnect or refuse to renew a customer's Internet connection except for non-payment (with mandatory 60-day grace period); or hacking their Service Provider.

True Net Neutrality: Data is data. ISPs may not discriminate on application generating traffic: Peer-to-peer, Media streaming, Web browsing, Download/upload data are all the same. It does NOT cost the ISP more to provide any TYPE of data, with equivalent amounts.

ISPs are not allowed to voluntarily co-operate with police, they must have a warrant for providing a IP->name, then a separate warrent for providing that customer's data.
In any case such data may be only provided to law enforcement agencies, not lawyers.
ISPs are not required to keep logs of personally identifiable data at all.

Pick ONE: Bandwidth speed restriction, or data transfer caps.
Sunday, September 18th, 2011
4:24 am
Webcomic: Quantum Vibe
Just go into a new webcomic called Quantum Vibe http://www.quantumvibe.com . It's set about 500 years in the future with a colonized solar system with transhumans, and sentient androids.

Only about 130 strips in at the moment, but there are a few problems that I can see:

Gravity loads:
Someone mentions that Nicole was used to 3gs on the L-5 space colony. No way. You'd expect them to stay at 1g or below.
Such a sustained g-level would be a problem even for geneered "heavy-worlder" humans, who would be short, squat, and muscled like a gorilla. NOT normal-looking humans.
People feel anywhere from 5g to 50g on starship trips over long periods. Those are body-wrecking loads. And they're getting up and walking arond in 5g?

Bubbs: People use Bubbs (bubbles) to get around and be vaccum-safe. These can shrink from large enough to hold a standing human to between a softball and basketball size to be stored in a purse.
Neural Interface implants: Nicole has a top-of-the-line general-purpose model. These implants can play music, and interface with a starship helm, but can't handle an auto-pilot program? Especially when they could just data-radio it?

Still, I'm hooked enough to keep reading.

P.S. Apparently the author has redefined the g=gravity, as a city on the surface of Venus as "almost 9 gravs)
Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011
1:29 am
Analog vs. Digital Antenna TV
Tonight I was SO missing having analog TV. At least with analog the picture quality was a continuous spectrum, so you could decide yourself how bad a picture you were willing to watch, and the audio was usually understandable even when the picture was too bad, so you could comprehend the show. I personally was usually willing to watch a heavy blizzard.

Not so with digital. The picture starts artifacting, and the audio dies at the same point. It's also NOT YOUR DECISION on when to give up. The "box" drops below a certain threshold and just totally cuts out with a "No Signal" message on the screen.

Very annoying!
Monday, August 1st, 2011
9:55 pm
TV: Alphas: Rosetta
STUPID BIT: Red Flag lauches an DDOS attack which overwhelms Gary's EM-Wizard abilities. Nonsense, because matter how many computers hit YOUR computer with a DDOS, it comes in on your computers single active WiFi connection (which can include about 16? channels) Gary rountinely handles more than that! A city is an ocean of signals, and he's in a fairly isolated area.
Tuesday, July 26th, 2011
1:04 am
TV: Alphas
An interesting show.
Supposedly the stars have abilities that all humans have, just pushed to the extreme.

That's SO not true! Most of the stars abilities are well into the "Comic Book" range.

The Hyper-Kinetic is plausible.

Bill, Hyper-Strength guy didn't suffer from picking up the back of a car, so he must have enhanced skeletal-muscular system to withstand the strain.

Rachel, Hyper-Senses girl has been given the wrong name for her ability. "Synthesia" is when your sense get cross-wired so that you see sound, hear colors, feel smells, etc. "The Sentinel" had the same abilities only more plausible. Including the Zone Out effect.

Garry is totally imposible for human physiology. It's implausible for biological organisms, and probably would require cyberware. People can't see and hear more than a narrow band of the EM spectrum, much less instantly understand it. He's effectively a Cybergeneration Wizard.

Nina, the "Pusher" seems to be purely a true telepathic effect, rather than hypnotism via voice modulation and pheromones (which might work).
Saturday, July 23rd, 2011
8:14 am
Thursday, July 14th, 2011
12:51 pm
Eureka: Liftoff
I finally realized why the method they used to get out of orbit was so familiar: It was lifted almost directly from "Warp Speed" @ Travis S. Taylor (available on the free Baen CDs). They added the Space Catcher's Mitt, which was a good thing. In Warp Speed the collateral damage was BAD.

Well, not directly, as Eureka used a wormhole jump which took them outside normal space, and not screaming through the atmosphere at FTL speeds.

The communication method from the capsule was the same as in "Executive Decision", although geekified (not Morse Code).

EMP: You'd think they'd be more ready to handle that!
Tuesday, June 28th, 2011
1:14 pm
Fic Bunny Revenge Most Bloody......Oops.
A not-quite-parody of "Harry gets Revenge" fics:
Harry finds evidence that convinces him that all his friends have betrayed him.
He wreaks horrible bloody (literally) and undoable revenge.
He finds a final piece of evidence that proves he was mistaken and/or

One take: make the 'evidence' be a really badly thought out prank by sirius, remus, the twins, or all of them together. Or maybe they each seperately play different pranks on harry which lead him to his belief in betrayal.
Tuesday, June 21st, 2011
9:12 pm
Floating Money
Someone on one of my lists (a Harry Potter fanfic list!) said:
> And the loans don't have to be long. Checkout slide 5 in
> <http://www.cs.princeton.edu/courses/archive/spring11/cos226/lectures/13-42directedgraphs-2x2.pdf>
> for a graph of the overnight loans that banks give to each other.
Someone else said:
Ahh, yes, the tricks banks use to inflate the money supply far and away
over the amounts the Fed has ever printed.

I do wonder, sometimes, if the economy was frozen and all of the AR and
AP were cleared out, loans paid off and balances settled up, and the
bankruptcies settled out, what percentage of the claimed money supply
would actually still exist. I'm betting less that 1/10th of one percent
- all the rest is various forms of float, I believe.
4:58 am
American Secession (Politics!)
I was thinking about the increasing burden of federal legislation and regulation on states. The Feds are farther from the people which makes them less able to understand the "will of the people" (not to mention the Progressive agenda) than the States.

I was wondering what would prevent States from deciding they'd had enough and seceeding from the USA? Or partial secession, where they support parts of the Federal agenda.

I know the American Civil War was partially fought on the theory that you CAN'T seceed. But why? (There is a Supreme Court decision that unilateral secession is unconstitutional) If you join an organization you can quit that same organization when the drawback become worse than the benefits.. (Sometimes the org will kill you for it, like gangs and mafia) Which makes the Feds look like a criminal organization you can't leave. (They do extort, kidnap, and kill citizens!)

Even if a State wanted to seceed, the Feds wouldn't let them go. The Feds are like an abusive husband: They like the benefits so much the Feds would rather KILL the States than let them go.
Tuesday, June 14th, 2011
9:35 pm
New Ficlet: Ghost Negotianian
The ghost kept taunting the puny humans, knowing they couldn't touch him.

George spoke a Word that could only be forgotten, then with his hands glowing white reached out to grasp the ghost by it's throat.

"Agggghhhh!", cried the ghost; shocked that the human could TOUCH it!

"Now, let's continue our conversation in a more civil manner, shall we?"
Tuesday, June 7th, 2011
6:36 pm
Fic: Dragon Slave Ron
"Oh, are you doing magic? Let's see." said Hermionie.

Ron said, "Fred and George told me this was a powerful spell and not to use it. I'm not sure what it does exactly. Or at all, really."

Ron began to cast waving his wand and hands:
"Darkness Beyond Twilight"

Hermionie watched as the spell began a sort of light show. Something niggled at her memory.

Ron: "Crimson Beyond Blood that Flows"

The light show was brighter and more elaborate. Hermionie's had a memory of a red-headed woman with jewels and shoulderpads.

Ron: "Deep within the Flow of Time is Where Your Power Grows"

Hermionie realized it was a fantasy anime she'd watched with her father. And the red-heads name had something to do with reversal?

The light show continued to intensify as Ron continued:
"I pledge myself to conquer all the fools who stand,"

Hermionie: Inverse, that was the name! And that meant...

Ron: "Before the Gift Bestowed in my Unworthy Hands!"

Hermionie soiled her knickers while screaming "NO!"
Too Late.

"Dragon Slayer!"


From the Daily Telegraph Sep 2nd:
"It is suspected that terrorists set of a nuclear weapon accidently. Fortunately they were in a relatively unpopulated area, but destroyed a 2 mile radius around the main railway line.
"The Army continues to deny rumors that they had been secretly transporting a nuclear weapon, and the possible origins and destination are a complete mystery."


From "A Brief History of Wizard Britain"
The destruction of the entire Hogwart's student body, including The-Boy-Who-Lived threw the public into rage and despair. They scapegoated the Death Eaters and slaughtered them, including those who claimed to have been imperioused.

When his remaining servants revived Voldemort through a Dark Ritual, he was finally contained when The Order of the Phoenix managed to place him in an enchanted sleep, briefly displaying the body before hiding it away under a Fidelius Charm. Just before he died Albus Dumbledore revealed there had been a prophecy that only Harry Potter had held the key to destroying Voldemort completely. 'He shall sleep until the Earth itself is destroyed and Magic is no more.' "
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