Troy Guffey (troyguffey) wrote,
Troy Guffey

American Secession (Politics!)

I was thinking about the increasing burden of federal legislation and regulation on states. The Feds are farther from the people which makes them less able to understand the "will of the people" (not to mention the Progressive agenda) than the States.

I was wondering what would prevent States from deciding they'd had enough and seceeding from the USA? Or partial secession, where they support parts of the Federal agenda.

I know the American Civil War was partially fought on the theory that you CAN'T seceed. But why? (There is a Supreme Court decision that unilateral secession is unconstitutional) If you join an organization you can quit that same organization when the drawback become worse than the benefits.. (Sometimes the org will kill you for it, like gangs and mafia) Which makes the Feds look like a criminal organization you can't leave. (They do extort, kidnap, and kill citizens!)

Even if a State wanted to seceed, the Feds wouldn't let them go. The Feds are like an abusive husband: They like the benefits so much the Feds would rather KILL the States than let them go.
Tags: politics
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