Troy Guffey (troyguffey) wrote,
Troy Guffey

Congressional Agenda: Internet Bill of Rights

Disconnect Protection: ISPs may not disconnect or refuse to renew a customer's Internet connection except for non-payment (with mandatory 60-day grace period); or hacking their Service Provider.

True Net Neutrality: Data is data. ISPs may not discriminate on application generating traffic: Peer-to-peer, Media streaming, Web browsing, Download/upload data are all the same. It does NOT cost the ISP more to provide any TYPE of data, with equivalent amounts.

ISPs are not allowed to voluntarily co-operate with police, they must have a warrant for providing a IP->name, then a separate warrent for providing that customer's data.
In any case such data may be only provided to law enforcement agencies, not lawyers.
ISPs are not required to keep logs of personally identifiable data at all.

Pick ONE: Bandwidth speed restriction, or data transfer caps.
Tags: internet, politics
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