Troy Guffey (troyguffey) wrote,
Troy Guffey

Dumbledore Continuum

I've noticed that there is a continuum of Dumbledores in the fanfic-verse:

ManipulativeOldBastard! Dumbledore

Of course there are shades of gray.

I wonder what the distribution curve looks like?

Canon!Dumbledore seems to be wavering between Delusional and MOB.
Delusional if he belives Harry won't be abused (despite being warned)
by the Dursleys, simply because they are relatives; or MOB "10 dark
years". Then he pulls the manipulative stuff such as possible Weasley
introduction, the PS gauntlet, and using Harry as bait in GoF. He
never will give a straight answer to Harry. He even is manipulative
from the grave with leaving FRACKING CLUES to the Horcruxes, rather
than a clear plan. Another delusional/MOB move: Occulemency lessons
with SNAPE! Either he was WAY overconfident despite mountains of
evidence that Snape would do a good job; or MOB in the "ripping down
natural barriers" fanon.
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