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Figurative Writer Suicide

A few very good fanfic writers have had snit-fits then deleted their ENTIRE body of published works. (Esama, for one, Lisa Roquin for another)

I can understand it when a writer gets a lot of negative reviews, real life catches up, or some other reason that makes them no longer want to write fanfiction. (Sad, but understandable) The reasonable ones just post a note telling why they will not be writing anymore.  Turn off receiving reviews, etc.

But it makes VERY angry when a writer DELETES their posted works.  WTF dude? This means that you cannot refer other people to their stories. Any pointers and reviews are GONE FOREVER! That is very BAD.  It's a "screw you".

It's even worse when said writer deletes their frakking Yahoo group.  They've now taken the community that was built around their work, and driven them off to the four corners of the earth.   This makes me so mad that I like to take a cat'o'nine-tails to them for doing such a HOSTILE thing!

If I were less lazy, I might even have a "tribute" group waiting in the wings with any included files, and just before the group gets deleted, invite everyone to join the "tribute" group.  Undo the breaking.

Same for re-posting their stories.  Once the account is deleted, register a new account USING THE SAME NAME.  HAH!  TAKE THAT!

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